Making Fablous Business Plans


I have been supporting as a social entrepreneur by Japanese government. It was very nice that almost 100 entrepreneur got together, and told about what was the matter each plan openly. Shearing these kinds of negative things makes people to be positive. It totally supports me a lot. All I have to do is just keep going to the future.


10 Steps of FabLife

「FabLifeのはじめかた – First 10 Steps-」今学期のSFC研究員としてのテーマに設定しました。ドニュメントしていきます。よくよく考えると、私の生活スタイルそのものが研究対象になるのかなと。年内には、きちんと持続可能な活動スキームをつくるのがミッションです。目標は、鎌倉移住!! 古民家に住みます!!

「10 Steps of FabLife 」This is my project in this semester! How I live is totally connected with my researching at Keio University SFC. My mission of 2011 is to build up the business model of FabLife, and I am gonna move to Kominka at Kamakura!!!





Today, I went to Wada-Kougei , trying to keep Japanese traditional carpentry woodwork. It is just amazing the skills of masters. In addition, I was quite surprised about the ruler, they have been using from the Edo period. The ruler can measure length, root, the circular constant, and good or bad fortune. Japanese ancestor had developed the knowledge before Western culture came. Lately, I am totally wondering that our lifestyle have been moving forward or backward…

At least, I can say that our ancestor had a lot of wisdom more than us.

A Study Group about Kura


I have been studying about the Japanese traditional carpentry woodwork based on Architecture through the Kura, my working place at Kamakura. It is just amazing to touch the skill of the old era. It might be seen what I am working on is a kind of looking back, but I really think it must be so excited to combine the old and new skills.